The Facts

Katie is in hiding.

On June 20, Katie Johnson's East Coast legal counsel filed federal court claims against the two defendants in New York, where the alleged crimes occurred. 

On September 30, the New York federal case was re-filed with two declarations from witnesses and two attorneys.

Anyone ascending to high office with shameful secrets (for example, Hastert, Petraeus, Clinton, Spitzer, Wiener, Gingrich, Edwards, etc.) is a potentially extortable National Security risk.

In any case, no child rapist should be President.


Justice for Katie

Even before learning of Katie’s criminal and civil claims, some of us had already concluded from evidence here that Donald Trump is a misogynist, pornographer, liar, narcissist, loon and letch -- and profoundly unqualified to be President of the United States.  

Others of us were quite open to, even excited about, Mr. Trump -- until we became convinced of Katie Johnson’s claims and saw how consistent they are with the ugly character on display here

We have spoken to Katie.

We have spoken to Tiffany, the attesting eyewitness.

We have read their sworn federal declarations.

We have witnessed Katie's courageous testimony in full- and you can too (see top of this page). 

We believe Katie.